Active holiday in Sölden

Out and about

What do you think of when you hear Sölden? Correct! Mountains. As far as the eye can see. And these are there for you to conquer. From the bottom of the valley to the summit. During summer as well as winter. Whether you are pushing the pedals while biking, hiking through the area on quiet soles, enjoying every hundredth on the ski slope or finally going "off-line" - deep in the backcountry. If you like the idea of an active holiday like this, you've come to the right place at the Apart Enzian. Here you will find a low-key place of retreat and a stimulating starting point, which promises easy access to the skiing, biking and hiking area of Sölden due to the surrounding mountains and its location close to the Gaislachkoglbahn.


Winter in Sölden

Winter in Sölden doesn't just mean skiing. Cross-country skiers, tobogganers and snowshoe and winter hikers also get their money's worth here.

Ski holiday in Sölden

If you love winter, come to Tyrol. If you are looking for skiing pleasure in a class of its own, come to Sölden.

Freeride Center Sölden

Are you looking for unforgettable skiing experiences, wild adventures and secret powder spots? Et voilà - The Ride Guides from the Freeride Center Sölden show you the way. 

Summer in Sölden

Water, earth, air - 3 elements that unfold their true power in summer in the Ötztal. Enjoy what Sölden has to offer in summer! Mountain lovers, bike fans, water sports enthusiasts and nature lovers are thrilled every year.

Bike holidays in Sölden

Will James Bond switch to cycling in the summer? In view of the great opportunities offered by cycling in the Ötztal, he would be right on trend. More and more popular: e-hiking, a combination of an e-bike tour and a hike.

Bike school RIDE ON

A sport is most enjoyable when you know how to do it well. The RIDE ON Bikeschool educates and trains cycling enthusiasts from young to old. Workshops and guided tours round off the programme.

Hiking in Sölden

The hiking routes around Sölden are so varied that you will need more than one holiday for them! So: return every summer to discover and enjoy the Ötztal Nature Park with its numerous themed and hiking trails!